Understanding the Winning on Cricket Betting Sites in India & More!

Before you go onto any top Indian cricket betting, website, you need to know how to beat the bookies. Without your own strategy, you won’t be able to get any help in this regard even from the top betting sites in India.

Tip 1 – Know What Cricket Betting Really Is!

Just finding the best cricket betting sites isn’t good enough. You need to know how to stake your money before you really get any serious chance of winning some money. Betting isn’t as straightforward as you may have heard from some random source. There are many good online sources from where you can learn the basics of online cricket betting and know what is the right approach to do it. You can also rely on any experienced guys in your friend circle who regularly place cricketing bets to know your stuff before you get serious with it.

Tip 2 – Get into the Mind of a Cricket Bookmaker

Just placing bet on a random even as a spot betting or placing long term bets is not everything. When you bet on cricket online, you need to have an open mind. You need to study the odds offered on websites for cricket betting form different angles. Bookmakers on these top online betting sites in India usually just show odds which may not always reflect the best probability. Even the best betting site in India won’t let you know the tricks up their sleeves. Don’t let the bookmakers on any website for betting in India trick you into a wager that your gut feeling doesn’t support.

Tip 3 – Don’t Follow the Mentality of “The Sky is Falling” or “Little Chicken”

Too much fear prevents you from taking any risk at all. On top of everything else, fear lets you think of the things in a paranoid mode, instead of just thinking logically about the end of a cricket match. Instead, you put your entire focus on things that won’t happen. For instance, expecting one bowler to somehow magically save their team when the number of balls are way more than the runs required with plentiful wickets in hand. You need to take calculated risks and make decisions based on a good estimate that’s backed by logic. Else, fear will jam your ability to think with your mind and place some intelligent cricketing bets.

Tip 4 - Don’t Make Your Tilt to Just One Bookmaker

When you keep going to the same bookmakers on the best India betting websites for cricket, you become predictable to them. Bookmakers on these legal betting sites in India have a knack for getting under your skin. These bookmakers help these sites get to the list of best betting site 2020. An online betting website has clever bookmakers who know how to play the mind games with their customers. Don’t rely on one bookmaker from a single online cricket betting website. Instead, keep changing bookmakers so that you can better learn their tactics and grow your cricket betting intelligence with time.

Tip 5 – Stop Worrying About Bad Bets You Placed in the Past

Bad bets in cricket are like bad decisions in life that hurt us in some way. There are two ways to deal with them. One, and the most common, to keep pondering on them and worrying of the great loss or hurt that we felt. Or, to let go of the past bad cricketing bets and move into the future. If you want your mind to free up and make some wise decisions, you need to quit thinking about the bad bets placed and think about placing good cricketing bets in the future.

Follow these tips to improve your odds at winning the cricketing bets online.

Risk and Rewards of Betting

Now that we know some of the tips that you can use to improve your chances of winning, let us have a look at the risks and rewards of cricket betting.

Common Questions Asked About Cricket Sports Betting Sites in India

Q1. What is the best online sports betting site in India for cricket?

Well, if we gave you a name, we could be considered biased. Therefore, we must let you know that any website that you trust and consider true to their promise is a safe place for online cricket betting in India.

Q2. Are there any good cricket betting prediction websites?

Two of the most well-known platforms recommended by cricket betting sites in India are ESPNcricinfo and Cricbuzz. They can help you with the required statistics to help you better analyze the potential results.

Q3. Which are the best cricket betting sites?

The best cricket betting sties in India are numerous. We cannot just tell you that a particular Indian cricket betting website is the best. But, still consider that a top cricket betting site in India that has legal license to operate, lets you draw your money, and has made a name for itself through its hard work, dedication, and commitment to exemplary customer service.

Q4. Is it legal to place cricket bets in India?

No, it is not legal but still there are no rules that can confine you from placing any bets. However, you need to place bets on websites that believe in gaining long term business and have someone in your friends or family as their satisfied customers.

Q5. Which kind of cricketing bets should I wager?

Don’t try to place bet on cricket events that require no logic and can happen just with a fluke of luck. A bet on cricket online must require some logic and the knowledge of the game of cricket. The websites for cricket betting will give you so many options to put your money at risk, always think if you can logically guess the outcome of a certain event, if you can’t just leave it to the rest of the bettors to do it.

Steps to Successfully Placing Wagers on Online Betting Sites in India

Here are the steps that you need to keep in mind when you want to place your bets online.

When you are searching for the best betting site in India, this doesn’t mean you can only place your wagers on Indian matches. There are many other nations for which you can find bets on a website for betting in India. You can use these websites to place cricketing bets on the national and the local teams of Australia, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

Step 1: Register Yourself with a Bookmaker

The best Indian sites need you to register yourself to a sportsbook. These legal betting sites in India allow you to place a bet as per the amount of that particular sportsbook in the market. Every betting site 2020 keeps the record of its bettors. This lets this online betting website to assist you with the withdrawal of the money once you have won your bet money. Thus, keep the first step in your mind when you are going for online cricket betting.

There are many great websites out there that allow you to get yourself registered. Make sure that you know the name of your bookmaker with whom you are dealing. The best cricket betting sites list down the names of the bookmakers that work with them. This allows them to open your account with the authentic bookmakers so that you cannot be defrauded of your money and trace your money to them later on.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Account with the Bookmaker is Verified

In the next step you can easily verify the account that you have created using your email address. The companies that have sports betting sites in India operated legally need to have your complete details. Every best sport betting site in India needs to comply with the anti-money laundering laws and also with the KYC or Know Your Customer policy. The legal betting sites for cricket in India would also ask your legal name, age, and any other information to ensure your documentation is proper.

Step 3: Always Know the Amount of Money You Will Wager

You need to pick up the total amount of money that you want to bet for a certain time. It is also called the bankroll size. Make sure that you designate an amount for the bankroll that is separate from your living expenses. Don’t bet the money on which you have to live on cricket betting. If you lose, you will have to borrow from someone else. If you do that, you also lose the fun of placing bets on the game of cricket and start losing the fun element in it.

Step 4: Deposit Your Money with the Cricket Bookmaker

Now, you have decided the bankroll amount, you need to add the funds to your bankroll of that particular sportsbook. There are many ways in which you can deposit money with your bookmaker for instance bank transfer, e-wallet, and credit. Always use the methods that you are most comfortable using so that you don’t have to rely on someone else to deposit your money.

Please note that the deposit methods can verify from one cricket betting site to the other. Acquaint yourself with the website’s method that you are using to place wagers on a game of cricket.

Step 5: Place Your Bet Online on Cricket

Now, after selecting the sportsbook from the best Indian betting sites you need to place bet on that chosen sportsbook. Please become familiar with the terminology that the legal betting sites in India use for cricket. Also ensure that you understand the slag used by the best betting site 2020 for placing betting odds. Please note that the favorite team may not always be the winner of a cricket match.

Step 6: Always Wait for the Result

When you place your bet, always wait for its results. If your team does win the match, the bookmaker is bound to pay you the money that you won. If your team didn’t win, don’t lose hope, better luck next time. Be sure to learn from the mistakes that you made and place your bets wisely so that you increase your chances of winning. Don’t fall for greed since it will lead you to a path that you would not like. Love the passion for the game of cricket and take winning and losing as part of it.

Step 7: Withdraw Your Money

Top cricket betting sites in India always allow you to withdraw the funds that you deposited. If you won, enjoy the money and imagine the fun things that you will do to put a smile on your face. Manage your bankroll on an active basis to ensure that you remain in the know of every top India cricket betting website. In most cases, you are going to lose, but that does not mean that you will never win.


When you are about to place your bet on cricket online, keep a check on the quality of the odds offered and the logic behind it. Only punt to those websites for cricket betting that offer the best odds with some logic or sense to them.

Always perform your due diligence by following your own research for online betting sites in India. The top online betting sites in India will always offer you good betting tips and seasoned prediction techniques. Use these techniques to your advantage so that you don’t have to fall for any illogical bets that didn’t make any sense for a game of cricket.

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