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Tips for Finding Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

When it comes to finding the best Indian cricket betting site, you need to place wagers with trustworthy ones. India is a big country with thousands of websites providing the option to place a bet on cricket online.

Therefore, you need to know that lot of these websites are competing with each other for more audience and potential customers. With so many cricket betting options available online in India, you may feel overwhelmed as to which one you should trust. Be mindful of the fact that like other industries, many websites scam innocent bettors of their money, coming with all sorts of shady schemes to rob them of their hard-earned savings.

Many websites for cricket betting are safe. Still, you need to be wary of online betting sites in India that can skim your money without any withdraws for your wins. This article provides you with the necessary information for any such website for betting in India that indulges in such shady practices.

We always believe that you must work with the most trusted betting sites for cricket in India. If you want to find legit betting websites in India, please read this full article for more details.

Advantages of Using Trust Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

Let us have a look at the reasons you need to consider using trusted online cricket betting sites in India.

Trust Cricket Betting Sites in India are Regulated and Licensed

The best trusted betting sites are always licensed and regulated by an official regulator.

The most trusted cricket betting sites will always get regulated and licensed since they are only there to provide a great betting experience. There are many websites licensed under the UK Gambling Commission and some operate under the Malta Gaming Authority. A licensed Indian betting website will never risk jeopardizing its name.

Different regulators depend on the country and jurisdiction that regulate the working of the best Indian betting sites for cricket. They also operate under certain rules and regulations.

Trusted Legal Betting Sites in India Have a License to Operate

Every top best betting site 2020 operates under good faith. A trusted online betting website is licensed by the regulators. If you want to know if a website for cricket betting in India is trustworthy, always looking at their license. Websites that do not have a license to let their customers place bets on cricket online are dubious at best. Thus, you need to avoid them at all costs and do not place bets. You should also not recommend such untrustworthy websites to your friends and family.

Also, when you place a bet with a licensed company, in case of any problem, you can always file a formal complaint to the regulators to take action against that cricket betting site that wasn’t just treating you fairly.

Trusted betting sites make a lot of effort to ensure that they protect their brand reputation. They would never do such a thing that goes against the guidelines provided by a regulator so that their customers remain happy and keep coming back to place more bets.

Also, make sure that when you shortlist the top cricket betting websites in India, always look for the seal of the official regulator as discussed above to know they are doing a legitimate business.

Trust Online Cricket Betting Sites in India Keep Their Customers Monies Safe

There are many advantages of dealing with trusted sports betting sites in India. Every best online sports betting site in India ensures that they are licensed and safe. They are also open to regular periodic updates frequently. The regulators require the cricket betting sites in India to ensure that their customers' deposits remain safe in the bank accounts, with zero chance of the funds getting lost or misused.

Thus, dealing with trusted betting sites gives more confidence to the bettors that their money is in safe hands.

Best Cricket Betting Sites Don’t Delay Your Payouts

A key feature considered value for money for an Indian cricket betting website is that it ensures fast withdrawal of the money won for their bettors. Every top cricket betting site in India ensures that you do not have to wait for days or weeks to get the money you just won.

The turnaround time for getting your money for winning a bet on cricket online should not be more than 72 hours. A bet won would mean you can get your money anywhere from 2 hours to 72 hours.

On the other hand, scam cricket betting sites do not give you back your money at all. You just keep waiting for the payout day and it just never arrives. That is the most common red flag that you would see when dealing with shady cricket betting websites online.

When you will ask to have your money, they will always come up with lame excuses. They would ask you to go for lengthy paperwork or worse, just deny altogether the money that they need to pay to you.

Stay clear of shady cricket betting websites online. Instead, only focus on dealing with the most secure and trusted sites that have no issue paying your win money.

There are many safe cricket betting websites online in India. You just need to look harder and look for the signs discussed above to land with a betting facility that is trusted.

Tips for Knowing If You Are Playing on Trusted Websites for Cricket Betting

Since you are given all the necessary information that you may need to find a trusted Indian cricket betting website online, here are a few tips to help you further.

Keep these variables in mind when you go online to finding a trusted cricket betting website.

Always look for Reviews

Reviews can also help you determine if a betting website is safe by going through their customers’ reviews. These reviews help you authenticate the genuineness of an Indian cricket betting website and you can share the ones with your friends and family that you feel are safe.

Best Indian Betting Sites Operate Under a License

Top legal betting sites in India must have the license and they also need to display that on their website.

They also have the seal of the regulator that you can check on their website. By clicking on the seal, you must be navigated to the regulator’s website to know details about the license.

Spotting a Scam Cricket Betting Website

A betting website with an official license is considered among legitimate sports betting sites in India. The best online sports betting site in India will always provide licensing information on its website. An online cricket betting site is always focused on providing customer service. Something that fraudster cricket betting sites in India will never aim to deliver.

Tips for Spotting Spam Online Cricket Betting Websites

The information above can surely help you separate genuine websites for cricket betting from the ones that are just after your money. Make sure that you use this information to get access to the best online betting sites in India.

Here are some red flags to look for when you are searching for the best betting site in India.

· Whenever you visit a scam cricket betting website, it will almost give you a poor user experience. They are only concerned about getting your money and not experience that you would enjoy browsing their website.

· Many of the websites that scam people of their money in the name of cricket bets rely on fake customer reviews. They just have made up reviews that you can find out by reading sentences like “good betting website in India”, “I love XYZ cricket betting website” and other similar looking sentences. There is no depth to the kind of user reviews that you would otherwise see.

· You cannot find any license or regulator and their website is devoid of any such information. There are no seals of the authorities that have licensed them to let customers place cricketing bets online. Even if there are any seals, they are fake without leading to any genuine gaming or cricket betting regulator. They are not mentioned on any of these regulators’ websites.

· Always remember that fake cricket betting websites will try to lure you in by promising something unreal. They will try to make promises that they cannot deliver. They have a focus on fleecing money out of you and they care less about anything else. Thus, they will try to give you the kind of bonuses and promotional offers that you won’t find anywhere else. If you find some cricket betting deals too good to be true, they are not real. Stay clear of such con artists bringing bad name to the legitimate online cricket betting websites.


These are some of the many things you need to consider when trying to place cricketing bets online. We can go to great lengths just trying to decipher what it means by placing cricket bets on the internet. But, you must consider many other factors. There is no short path to success and big promises will usually end up in frustration. Take time to see the behavior of the websites that you are interested in for placing cricketing bets. An original Indian cricket betting website will strive for customer service excellence and satisfaction. It will have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives. It would be a website frequented by cricketing bettors in India, showing their full confidence that they can play without trouble. And the personal information that they have provided to the website is saved with them.

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