The Popular Types of Bets by Cricket Betting Sites in India

Cricket bets is not a topic that you would find discussed in great depths. This article looks at the types of bets that a top Indian cricket betting website would offer. If you are a newbie to the world of cricket betting, you would find this information a lot useful. Even if you are an advanced bettor in the world of cricket, you would still find a lot of information covered as to be useful. So, use this advantage to your list so that you can find more adventurous betting opportunities in the game of cricket.

Betting on a Match

Every top cricket betting site in India offers the match betting option. It is one of the most common type of wager that from the ordinary to the best cricket betting sites would offer. You will select in this option which of the two teams playing a cricket match would win or draw. It is one of the most basic wagers and the most popular type of bet available to the crowds in the game of cricket.

Match Completed

This is a typical bet that the websites for cricket betting reserve for the ODIs or the One Day Internationals. It is typically the wager to decide whether a match will get completed or not. The most common factor may be some kind of security issue or the weather that can jeopardize the proceedings of the match. If some uncertain event takes place, it stops the match from taking place. You just need to bet on the fact that a cricket match is going to get completed or not.

Tying Up of a Cricket Match

One of the other events that is rare to witness is a cricket match getting tied up. It means neither of the two teams playing the match have won. Best online betting websites in India do offer a wager on tying up of a match, typically in the case of test matches this odd has greater chance of occurrence than the T20 or ODI game formats.

Runs Scored in an Inning

It is one of the most difficult types of odds offered by the best betting site in India for cricket offers. This kind of wager predicts the exact number of runs scored by the team batting first will score. Some of the bookmakers offer this type of cricket wager as over or under wager. The betting website will publish a number of different scores and you will have to guess if the runs scored will be above or below one of the given numbers.

Top Bowler

If you’re looking to wager on some specific players, you might consider a top bowler bet. Here, you’ll select the player that you believe will take the most wickets during a match or series. It’s up to you to decide which player from either team will earn this title. If you’re able to pick correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a nice payout from the sportsbook. You can have a look at the past performances of all the bowlers of both the teams and the kind of pitch support they are going to get to guess which bowler will take most wickets while giving the lowest possible score.

Best Batsmen

The best legal betting sites in India also offer you the option to place particular wagers on the best batsman of the match. In this case you have to either select the best batsman of the match or the series. You will have to select one player from the playing 11 of both the teams. Every best betting site 2020 provides you with this option. It is not an easy wager to pick since there are a lot of chances of this bet going wrong. However, if you get this cricket bet right, you can win big money.

Team of the Top Batsman

If you cannot place a wager on which batsman of the two teams will have the most scores in a series or match, you can pick one batsman from a particular team. An online cricket betting site provides this option so that you can increase your chances of winning the wager. When you have one team, it becomes relatively easy to select one cricket team’s batsman, selecting from 11 instead of the 22 players who is going to score the most runs in a particular match or series.

Bets for Bowler Match

One of the easier ways to win on cricket sports betting sites in India is to place a wager on the top bower. You will have to check the bowler match bets offered by the best online sport betting site in India. The website is going to give you two players’ names to pick one as the best bowler. This is a relatively easy bet to win with lesser choices to make.

Match Bets for Batsman

We just had a look at the bowler match bet offered by the cricket betting sites in India. An India cricket betting website may also offer another bet similar to this one, with the wager to participate in guessing the top batsman wager. Like in the case of bowlers, you will be given two players to select from. Make sure that you analyze the statistics of both the batsmen in detail and know which type of playing conditions suit them best. This will help you better analyze which of the two batsmen will probably score more runs.

Winning of a Cricket Tournament

Every top cricket betting site in India also offers the wager to bet on which team is going to win a cricket tournament. The basic common theme is that you will place your bet on one of the best cricket betting sites that which team is going to win a cricket tournament. It is a good bet to win but there needs to be a lot of calculation as to who is going to win a tournament. In many cricket events there are several teams participating in any given tournament. You will have to pick just one team and get your wager registered for your tournament favorite. The bookmaker will note it down, and should you win the wager, you will be given the win money for it.

Winner of a Cricket Series

Many cricket teams visit each other’s countries to play against each other. One prime example famous throughout the cricketing world is the “Ashes”. It is a test series that takes place between England and Australia on a regular basis. You can place on bet on cricket online on which of the two teams playing the series against each other would win. This kind of wager by the websites for cricket betting extends beyond a single cricket match. Instead, the overall winner of the series will be winning most of the matches. Series take place in T20, Test, and ODI (One Day International) cricket matches. For instance, if it is a series of 3 matches, the team that wins 2 of the 3 or all 3 matches (one sided affair) will be considered winner of the series.

Under or Over Score

There is another wager option by the online betting sites in India for cricket offer. Every best betting site in India has a sportsbook score that they think will help a particular team win the match or the series. You will have to guess if a team will be able to score above or under the score mentioned in their sportsbook. You have to be able to guess that based on your knowledge for the game and the overall form of both the teams playing the match.

Score in the Series

A cricket website for betting in India also provides one other way to help you bet. They would allow you to place a bet on a cricket series pertaining to the scores in the series. You will have to guess the final overall score that the series will have. The best Indian betting sites let you guess which of the two teams will win the series and in how many matches. You need to have your pick and wait for the end result to know if you guessed it correctly or not.

Dismissal Method

One of the exciting things offered by the legal betting sites in India is the option to do live betting. For instance, you need to guess the dismissal method. Every best betting site 2020 lets you select how a particular batsman is going to get out and go back to the pavilion. There can be different ways a batsman can get out. Typical ways a batsman gets out back to the pavilion include being stumped, bowled, run out, caught or caught behind and others. You would have to see the form of the batsman and the opposition team. For instance, if a team is playing another team with a great fielding department, there is a higher chance that the batsman would get run out. However, if they are playing against a team with furiously fast bowlers, there is a greater chance that the batsman would get out clean bowled.

Winning of the Toss

An online betting website also offers you the odds to guess the performance of a team or player by winning the toss bet. You would have to see who are the captains of the team and what’s their history of winning the tosses. You would have to guess in this online cricket betting wager which of the two captains is going to win the toss.

Winning of the Toss and Will Bat or Bowl First

The sports betting sites in India also help you guess on who is going to win toss in a combination. The best online sport betting site in India always aims to offer you more options. You would have to win the team that you think can win the coin. A combination toss is a bit more complicated. Besides guessing which team would win the toss, you would also have to guess if that team would choose to bat or bowl first. Well, if you think closely, this is one of the most logical cricketing wagers. Since, the condition of the pitch decides in most cases what the toss winning captain would do, bat or bowl first. This is particularly more straightforward in crunch games like the World Cup’s Semi-Final or Final game between the top teams.

Betting on Even or Odd Runs

Cricket betting sites in India also let you guess whether a team will have the total numbers that would eventually be an even or odd number. For instance, if in an ODI score a team scores 345, it is an odd number (not divisible by 2) but if it is 346, it is an even number (divisible by 2). It is one of the simplest of the wagers. Since, you have a straightaway 50% chance of winning or losing the wager.

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