T20 Format and Factors to Consider When Placing Bets

When you are placing wagers on cricket betting sites in India, you can also consider the T20 format of the game. Every India cricket betting website, big or small, will give you the option to place bets on T20 cricket matches since they represent shorter version of the game and a more exciting format where the complexion of the game can just change on a single bowl. A few lose bowls is all it takes that can sway the results of a T20 match from a winning side to the losing side.

T20 is a format of the game that has become the favorite of every top cricket betting site in India. The best cricket betting sites come with all types of wagers and odds that you can count on. Here are some of the factors to consider when placing bets on T20 matches.

Death Bowling

Always remember when you place bet on cricket online on T20 matches is that the team with great depth in the death bowling may have an edge. Go through the statistics of the death bowling provided by the top websites for cricket betting. Many T20 teams nowadays have specialist bowlers who’s one purpose in life is to save runs in those crucial overs and if possible, take crucial wickets. Pakistan’s Umar Gul or South Africa’s Lance Klaussner are considered two of the best death bowling legends in the arena of death bowling.

Pinch Hitting

Also consider the ability to quickly score runs in a cricket match, particularly the T20 format where the ability to quickly score runs outsmarts every other strategy. When placing bets on online betting sites in India, make sure that you analyze both the team’s ability to hit big sixes and that too quickly. The best betting site in India also provides you the option to place bets on how many sixes a particular player is going to hit in a T20 match.

Day and Night Matches

Yes, you read that right. When placing bets on the online betting sites in India, be aware of the day and night matches. Every betting site in India will let you know the kind of conditions the two teams will face regarding batting and bowling. The team that’s going to bat first will have its own edges and disadvantages and vice versa. The dew factor particularly plays a major role in the T20 matches that take place in different parts of the world. For example, day and night matches played in the summers in UAE venues have a serious impact on the ability of the team fielding second to stop the balls at the boundary. The dew factor plays a crucial factor.

Keep the Weather Conditions in Check

Every big website for betting in India will provide you with the details on the weather conditions. The best Indian betting sites let you know how the weather will progress throughout the different sessions in which a T20 game progresses. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the weather conditions. Some countries where matches are played have a pretty much consistent weather. Whereas there are regions like England or Australia where the weather can quickly change, making it difficult to know what weather to expect and how it is going to change the way a game is going to progress.


There are different legal betting sites in India that would give you many odds to play wagers on the different types of T20 games. Every best betting site 2020 lets you know the overall conditions, the form of the two teams playing against each and weather. Still, you cannot blindly follow your instincts when it comes to placing wagers on T20 cricket matches. You would have to behave in a rational manner. Come with a strategy that is based on your knowledge about the game of cricket. You would also have to go through the history of the two team’s previous T20 matches to see how they have performed against each other in different conditions. After doing a deep analysis, you can increase your chances of winning bets on T20 matches. Without applying solid T20 knowledge, it would be hard for you to win any wagers, you will continue to lose money on such exciting matches that provide a fair chance of winning some wager money.

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