Solid Cricket Betting Tips So That You Can Win More & Often!

There are many cricket betting sites in India that offer you a lot of options to win the money and enjoy the whole fun exercise that almost every cricket lover loves in India. An Indian cricket betting site offers so many options to place bets and win some extra cash. However, not all bets or odds are worth your time. You have to be very selective when it comes to placing bets on the big games of cricket. However, it is not like there is no logic or commonsense applicable to this great game of gentlemen. Instead, you can become part of the winning journey by following some of the best cricket betting advice shared here.

A Top Cricket Betting Site in India Focus on the Quality of Advice It Offers!

One of the things that distinguishes the best cricket betting sites from the rest is the quality of betting advice that they offer to their players. This advice can sometimes be all the difference that you need to either win or lose a bet on the game of cricket.

How Do Professionals Place Bets on Cricket Games?

The market for cricket betting and odds has become huge, thanks to the domestic and international level games played in all major cricket playing nations. The top websites that dedicate themselves to cricket betting ensure that they touch all the major markets out there. Therefore, you can participate in wagers across different markets throughout the world wherever this game is played.

A lot of the cricket bettors in India do not pay heed to the best advice on betting. They tend to just place bets on the basis of their whims or emotions by randomly picking up a market without even having prior knowledge of it. Please be mindful of the fact that randomly placed bets can only result in draining your bankroll. The chances for you winning an odd does not just depend on your luck but also on the fact that you understand that particular market. For example, if you are used to placing cricket bets on the domestic games played in India’s Ranji Trophy, you cannot possibly apply the same logic to the County Cricket played in the UK. Unless you become more strategic and smart in placing your bets online, you will not be able to make a mark in the world of cricket betting.

When you wish to have a bet on cricket online the result of that wager can go both ways, you can either win or lose. Therefore, you must be mentally prepared for it and do not make any hasty decisions that are driven from the fear of losing or the greed of winning. Betting is not an alternative to pursuit of a serious profession where you can actually win monies to make a significant difference to yourself and your family. You can possibly win small amounts of monies in most of the games.

You must also realize that the odds pretty much decide how much money you are going to win against the amount that you have wagered. If you are trying to put a wager on a team or event that is most likely to happen, you will obviously only get a small amount of money because you were not the only one who knew that this particular team would win or that event would happen. On the contrary, if you are placing a bet on a team that is less likely to win or an event that is less likely to happen, you are taking more risk. In that case, your win money will be a lot more and you would be accordingly rewarded for the risk that you have undertaken. The website for cricket betting set different event and game winning odds just because of that very reason.

Smart Management of the Money for Online Betting Sites in India

Every best betting site in India wants to be as transparent as possible regarding your chances of winning and at the same provides you with some fabulous opportunities to earn some of it on the sidelines. Still, you have to make a concerted effort to know the risks associated with the different types of wagers available. There are different markets for cricket betting and each vary in risk so you need to be weary of that.

The difference between the amounts of money that you can win will decide which of the markets is suitable for you. You can decide that by analyzing the various betting odds for cricket offered by these markets. The markets vary with the type of bet that you are going to place on the different aspects of the game including man of the match, score predictions for each team or separately, and the player who would be playing the most number of balls in a match of cricket.

Many newbie bettors make the bets on the websites with exuberant amounts that they mostly do not afford to lose. The top Indian cricket betting websites always display warnings and hazards of placing too much money at risk during a cricket match. These websites warn you not to take risk more than what is required or affordable for you. They also suggest that you strategic your cricket betting so that there are no unpleasant surprises and you only make bets that you understand.

The websites for betting in India are doing a pretty good job, (the reliable ones), to discourage the players from taking too much risk against the promised rewards of winning. The best Indian betting sites even sometimes may not give you enough warning about such risks. Still, it is your duty to know how much money do you have and how much of that you can easily lose without going broke. The top websites also suggest that you do not make cricket betting an addiction and need to have a control over it. However, not many of the Indian cricket betting punters take advantage of this situation. Instead they ignore all the advice and the warnings that they are being given and still go for large sums of money. When they lose such amounts of money it impairs their judgement and can be upsetting for their personal and financial health.

Follow Some of the Best Cricket Betting Rules!

There is a difference between the legal betting sites in India and the ones who are only after your money. Every best betting site 2020 knows that there are certain rules even within the betting world of cricket that one needs to be aware of. Therefore, you must be cognizant of such rules so that you know as a bettor that you are on the right lines. Even if you sometimes do not remember all of the rules, still there are rules that you may not be aware of. Still knowing the basics can make you a far better punter than the ones who do not really know anything about them. Well, if you are wondering what those rules are that bettors need to follow in cricket betting, tag along and see for yourself shared below.

The first rule that are going to discuss set by any online betting website for cricket is that if in a test match no bowl is bowled and the match does not get played at all, the bets placed on such a test match are considered null and void. Even more interesting, if the venue of a test match of cricket is changed, the bets placed again will go null and void. When you ask your cricket betting bookmakers they will tell you that none of the team won the match so there are ultimately no winners of those bets. Did you know about these two rules of online cricket betting? Perhaps not!

There is another rule of cricket betting set by the sports betting sites in India. They do not consider a match bets valid between two teams if it is withdrawn. The best online sport betting site in India will not give any price offer for the withdrawn cricket matches. The case remains similar if the two teams playing match have withdrawn due to any reason whatsoever like spectator issues, violence erupted during a match, or any other issue that resulted in cancelling of the match. Please keep in mind that these rules vary from one bookmaker to another. Also, the weather conditions responsible for withdrawing of a match may or may not have similar consequences for the bets placed on that match. You need to get in touch with your bookmaker beforehand so that you do not have any confusions about it. Similarly, the rules may vary a bit when the match is tied between two teams because they reached the same score level.

The rules also do not remain the same when we are talking about the matches that are held during the World Cup tournament. A draw of a crucial match between two teams may have an adverse-effect on all upcoming matches that are going to take place between other teams. The reason is that such a withdraw has a significant impact on the pool position and the ranking of the teams playing in it. However, if the venue of a World Cup match changes it will not have any impact on the bets that are already placed. Since World Cup is one such event where there is not a lot of flexibility available.

The best online sports betting sites make an effort to let the bettors know about the rules for placing bets during a Cricket World Cup. There can be different categories on which such bets are placed. Some of the bets are applicable for a particular match like the best bowler, best batsman, and man of the match. However, there are others that are applicable to the entire tournament like the player of the tournament, highest run scorer in a tournament, or the most wicket taking bowler during a Cricket World Cup. There is a lot more risk involved in the bets placed for the entire tournament. Since there is no way to determine in advance which of the players that you are selecting will deliver the best performance till the end of the tournament. This involves taking higher risk and there are higher rewards for the same.

Dead heat rules involve division of the stakes in equal parts between the winners for a certain cricket match or event. The dead rule applicability can only be determined by the cricket betting events website that has offered such odds. If you want to ascertain if a certain website offers dead heat rules or not, you must ask its management to be certain of it.

Online Betting Site in India and Best Winning Strategies

The best betting site in India will always focus on helping its bettors to make some profits so that they can keep coming back for more. If a cricket betting sites does not offer that kind of confidence and user experience, no bettor is going to come back to place any more bets. Therefore, such websites also come up with great winning strategies and tips so that the bettors have an improved chance of winning the money. Not all of these strategies may result in wins for you, but still there needs to be some glimmer of hope for those punters who are putting their money onto winning something. The market of cricket betting drives on hyper and this may create a lot of noise and too much information for you to handle. But you have to develop your sense of the game to know which of the odds have a higher chance of getting materialized.

Cricket Betting and Draw of the Matches by Best Indian Betting Sites

The price of the test matches and odds keep getting changed since a lot of them last for full five days. A website for betting in India keeps on revising those estimates as to which of the two teams is going to win the match and at what odd price. Sometimes those draws may not be correct since there may be a lapse of judgement. If you are offered a draw, it is a good way to exit that particular bet to win some amount of money but not that much amount. This in turn means you have lowered the risk but have got some reward for it instead of losing every penny you betted.

The legal betting sites in India do want you to place more o the bets on the different markets that are up for grabs so that you can eventually win some money. The best betting site 2020 will always offer you a good sum of money for the wins that you have had. These sites are trying to optimize your wins while still making profits since they are able to lure in larger crowds of bettors from throughout India. You may also be offered the option to back up a handicap for your favorite team or you may be given the option to bet on under or over the markets. Bookmakers are way too smart to offer you any low winning betting odds or apparent handicaps since they do not want to jeopardize their reputation as the ones taking no risk at all.

Strategies for Winning Vary a Great Deal!

Every online betting website offers you its own market and access to the different odds. Therefore, if you find the odds for online cricket betting vary on different websites it is because not all of these sites are consulting from the same punters. Each one has their own team of bookmakers and cricket betting experts who give their advice. Sometimes this advice matches and at other times it does not match at all.

The knowledge that you develop comes above and beyond everything that you may find anywhere on the markets offered. There are many ways to ascertain which of the bowlers and batsmen are going to perform the best during a cricket match. Similarly, the pitches on which they are playing making a great impact on their future performance. For example, the odds offered by the punters factor in and favor spin bowlers when the teams are playing in the subcontinent conditions. However, if the two teams are playing in windy English conditions, these punters will definitely know that seam bowling attack will make a lot of difference.


Please note that the game of cricket is not just by chance. You have to be very clear about what you want to do and how much are you willing to learn about it. If you become a cold-hearted and unemotional type of guy who only focuses on the bottom-line results, you have greater chances of winning the game. It is essential that you do not just rely on the punter advice but also make time to study the game and learn about it yourself. The more you learn the better it would be for you and help improve your chances of winning such bets.

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