Reasons Why You Must Only Rely on License Cricket Betting Websites

Do you want to place bets on the best cricket betting sites? Well, this article will help you save yourself from a lot of the fake websites claiming to be the best Indian cricket betting website. However, many of the claimants of the title “top cricket betting in India” may not be what they seem. Read this article to be safe when you place a bet on cricket online.

So, for those of you who want to place cricket bets online in India, here is the information you need.

Licensed Cricket Betting Websites in India

When it comes to finding the best cricket websites in India, they come in all shades and colors. There are many great betting sites in India. However, some fake ones have brought a bad name to those who are genuinely interested in helping their customers.

Here are a few tips to help you find legitimate and licensed cricket betting websites in India.

What is a Licensed Cricket Betting Website?

A licensed cricket betting website is a bookmaker who is authorized by a license from a recognized government or official body to operate in this business.

This license helps establish greater confidence in the customers when dealing with these websites, to establish more trust and legitimacy.

Let us have dive deep into what are the licensed websites for cricket betting.

Licensed Online Betting Sites in India for Cricket Are Regulated by Authorities

Before you declare a website as the best betting site in India for cricket, make sure that they are licensed. A website for betting in India has to operate under certain rules and regulations.

Every trusted website for betting in India has to be licensed and regulated by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). Malta Gaming Authority is one of the most recognized international bodies for regulating online betting sites in India. It is not easy to get a license from MGA since it is very meticulous about the requirements for granting its license. MGA is the toughest regulatory bodies out there when it comes to the regulations imposed on online betting websites. Many other regulators form rules for online gambling websites including the UK Gambling Commission, another reputed regulator. One of the other online betting regulators is the Curaçao eGaming. It is another well-established regulator but still relatively less strict to the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

Best Indian Betting Sites Keep Your Money Secure

The top legal betting sites in India that operate under a license get scrutinized regularly. Therefore, they are very meticulous in providing safety measures that keep their customers’ monies safe. Every best betting site 2020 has to assure the regulatory bodies that it will keep its customers’ money safe.

The audit of a legitimate online betting website ensures that it operates within the confines defined by the relevant law and is not involved in criminal activities.

Therefore, one assurance that you can have when dealing with licensed online cricket betting websites will keep your money safe. They keep the players' funds in a ring-fenced account so that it remains safe at all times. Thus, even such sports betting sites in India go bankrupt, the money of the customers remains secure.

Licensed Cricket Betting Sites in India Welcome Feedback

Every best online sports betting site in India yearns for customer confidence. Therefore, a licensed betting website will always welcome customer feedback. Even if you have any complaint, they would be eager to listen to it to improve their service experience and ensure that none of their customers gets unfair treatment.

For example, you want to withdraw your wins, and you are having problems, a trusted and licensed betting website will never ask you to go through a lot of paperwork to verify your identity. Instead, it will give you the money in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal verifications.

However, if you still find any problem getting your money out of your account, you can launch your complaint with the regulator against the betting site. The big regulators like MGA ensure the process of launching a complaint is an easy and straight forward process for the bettors getting affected. Best cricket betting sites take each complaint extremely seriously.

A licensed Indian cricket betting website will always strive to stay clear of any complaints. The cricket betting regulators online keep every top cricket betting site in India on the back foot. The regulators ensure that you get the most exquisite experience while placing a bet on cricket online.

Online cricket betting regulators ensure that each bettor is treated fairly regardless of the size of their bets. They ensure that the players are given a level playing field and as per the guidelines laid out by the regulators.

Pro Cricket Betting Tip Online

If you think a cricket betting website in India is not treating you fairly, you can always send them a warning email that if they keep on treating you with discrimination, you will launch a formal complaint with the regulators. India has to develop its online betting sites’ licensing system to ensure that the bettors can confidently place their wagers without the fear of losing their money to some fraudulent organization.

There is still hope that the Indian government will develop an online betting regulatory system in India that has a point-based system. It must also provide strict scrutiny measures so that every online betting site in India is careful of its dealings with customers and ensures fair play for each bettor frequenting its website.

Trusted cricket betting sites make every effort not to get in trouble since they know that the license given to them gives them to run business in different online betting markets around the world. Therefore, if they do not play fair, they will be sent back to the pavilion or out of the online Indian cricket betting industry.

Licensed Betting Sites Operate Legitimately

Licensed websites for cricket betting are famous because they always operate within the given set of rules. Thus, the mushroom growth of new licensed Indian cricket websites is due to customers’ increased confidence in them.

Many online betting sites in India for cricket can be trusted and they operate in good faith. However, there is a small number of those who do not go by the book. Instead, they tend to scam their players with false promotions and fake offers.

Every licensed website is considered the best betting site in India for cricket. However, you still need to be conscious of the websites for betting in India that are not licensed. A non-licensed Indian betting website has nothing to lose but a lot to gain by faking their online presence and looting bettors of their hard-earned money.

On the contrary licensed sites are considered the best Indian betting sites because they have real offices, with employees, and have brand equity that they would not like to destroy at any cost. These companies operate as legal betting sites in India and pay their taxes to the authorities. Every top best betting site 2020 knows that it has to comply to ensure that its corporate image remains intact.

A scam betting website will never strive to obtain a license from the regulators. Its management will strive to never go through the scrutiny required to obtain the license.

Many individuals easily set up a fake online betting website because all it needs is a similar-looking domain name and hosting. But, the ones who want to make it a serious business will always abide by the regulations set by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Besides, there is also a fee attached to obtaining a betting license. Fake cricket betting websites will never pay the required fee since they do not want to play by the book.

Also, there is a long wait and the vetting process takes time. Fake cricket betting website owners usually do not have the patience to wait for that long. Since the only thing on their mind is to loot cricket bettors online. They are least concerned about the type of customer service and online user journey that they provide.

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