How has Instagram changed the world?

Instagram has grown at the fastest rate of all of the major social networks in the last two years, amassing a billion active users and rising at the fastest rate of any of the major social platforms. And, with users spend an average of 53 minutes every day on the photo-sharing app, its effect on our daily lives has been huge - and I'm not just talking about the number of people who refuse to eat before they've taken the ideal brunch goals photo.

Instagram has spawned new sub-genres, companies, and professions, as well as disrupting whole markets. In this post, we'll look at seven ways that Instagram has influenced modern behaviors, which you should take into account when planning your marketing and outreach.

1. It has a wide range of beauty ideals.

When it comes to shaping young people's mental health, Instagram has gained a lot of flak. Some blame the abundance of blurred, manipulated photographs that show an impossible expectation of perfection - but there is a flip side to this as well. A more diverse view of beauty will be shared by providing customers with such an open forum.

Liberal media broadcasting a limited image of attractiveness is no longer relied upon by the public. Instagram is being used to crack beauty taboos, from people posting their unfiltered pimples, stretch marks, and tattoos to the explosion of plus size, queer, and disabled influencers.

These complex representations are gaining momentum on the web and attracting a large following, prompting marketers to take notice.

2. It has altered our travel habits.

Travel ideas can be found in abundance on Instagram. We can see views of the most idyllic spots from around the world in the palm of our hands, and our travel habits are changing as a result.

If we use the app to explore the best destinations to visit before we fly or choose a specific location to replicate a picture-perfect Instagram message, ‘Insta-tourism' is affecting. According to Facebook research, 70% of travel enthusiasts who use travel-related hashtags use the site to post their travel plans, while 67 percent use Instagram to get ideas for new adventures.

3. It has made flat lays a phenomenon.

Still-life photography has always been around, but the flat lay trend has taken off thanks to Instagram. A search of the hashtag #flatlay on Instagram yields more than five million entries, and we've all seen these artfully organized, overhead product shots.

The plain and visually appealing flat lay lends itself well to an Instagram grid, its beauty standing out in a sea of selfies.

4. It has sparked new culinary trends.

Palm Vaults, a cafe in London's trendy borough of Hackney, has truly understood the value of offering the optimum Instagram opportunity. Plants hang from the ceiling over marble tables piled high with pastel-colored lattes and flower-topped granola. It's an influencer's dream, and by recruiting them, the company gets a lot of free publicity.

Other establishments have followed suit, and though no formal figures are available, I'd wager that the use of neon signs, flower walls, and pink plates in restaurants has increased significantly.

The rule of thumb is that those that stand out are more likely to succeed.

5. It's been responsible for the development of whole social brands.

There have been several notable success stories as advertisers have hopped on the Instagram marketing bandwagon. Any of Instagram's more savvy early adopters have been able to build whole brands on the platform. In order to download instagram stories, posts, videos and hashtags, explore instagram story downloader and download instagram

6. Activism has been organized.

Instagram has also aided in bringing worthwhile campaigns to the forefront, thanks to its focus on all things visual and direct access to millions.

Since imagery has such a strong impact, many campaigners are now using Instagram as a storytelling tool to share their message and encourage others to get involved. It also provides famous people with direct access to their fans, allowing them to send unfiltered messages of encouragement.

Bloggers were already well-known in 2010, but Instagram provided them with a forum to share the brief, snappy posts. They were able to create bite-size content with only one picture and a caption, which they could post more often and engage their fans in more frequent discussions.

Some used it to supplement their blog posts, others turned entirely to Instagram, and still, others achieved social popularity solely via Instagram. The app has undeniably accelerated the influencer trend and elevated certain individuals to social celebrity status.

As you can see, Instagram is transforming society and evolving the way we interact, explore, and participate in various elements in a variety of ways. From a marketing standpoint, it's important to be aware of these trends to help contextualize not just the Instagram approach, but also how Instagram's rise is affecting viewing patterns in general.


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