Common Cricket Bets on Sports Betting Sites in India

Every best online sport betting sites in India for cricket gives you multiple options to place your bets. There are different options available in the market when it comes to finding the best cricket betting sites. Let us have a look at the different types of betting options that bettors can find on the best virtual cricket betting sites.

Market Options on Top Cricket Betting Sites in India

Team with Greater Chances of Winning

An Indian cricket betting website may offer you the option to place bets on a particular favorite in a given tour. There are usually two teams to choose from. The home team and the team that is playing the game away from its home ground. The wager for the home team is represented by 1 and for the visiting team 2 for their respective wins. However, in case of draw, it is represented by the alphabet X. It is one of the most common options for placing bets online. You can do a little Google search to find which top cricket betting site in India offers this kind of bettors’ market.

The cricket betting market online does offer you the chance to predict which of the two teams playing the cricket match is going to win. Make sure that you pay attention to the various factors that can contribute to the win of a particular team including the weather, pitch report, and forms of the players in each team among others.

Winning of the Toss

This is a very simple type of cricket bet. You just need to guess which of the team teams is going to win the toss. Remember that toss can be a crucial factor in deciding the fate of a cricket match. In some matches, just winning the toss can pretty much decide which team is going to win the game. The pitch or weather conditions are such that the winner of the toss decides how they are going to play the game and make the other team play as per their particular game plan.

Top Batsman in a Team

In this market, you put your money on that batsman you think could score the maximum runs on a tour. Usually, it is advisable to go with proven performers. However, if you pick safety, you must settle with shorter odds.

In this kind of bet on cricket online, you decide which batsman is going to score the most runs on a given tour. There are websites for cricket betting out there that help you make that kind of decision. Make sure that you pick the safety aspect so that you have greater chances of winning the wager. Some of the bettors use the strategy of placing their monies on the dark-horses of batting. If their bet places off, they can make a ton of money when that particular player scores the most runs in a series.

Top Bowler from a Team

Bowlers play a deniably important role in the winning of a team. No one can forget how Anil Kumble once took ten wickets against Pakistan in a single inning of a test match. You can find the top bowler bet with the good online betting sites in India. The best betting site in India will also give you clear statistics to help you decide which bowler from either of the two teams is going to give the performance of their lifetimes.

Maximum Number of Sixes

The advent of T20 matches has breathed a new life into the game of cricket. The excitement has reached an even higher level. Therefore, you can now choose from the online betting sites in India which of the players is going to hit the most sixes. A top best betting site in India will always include the option to wager on the maximum number of sixes for the bettors to place their bets on.

Most Runs Scored by a Player

You may also find on a website for betting in India odds to place bet on which player is going to make the most runs. This kind of bet is different from the one that offers odds on which player from each team will make the most runs. The best Indian betting sites offer this kind of betting to place odds so that bettors can place bets on any individual regardless of their team to score the most number of runs.

Keep these other odd options in your mind so that you do not have to just confine on winning or losing of the match. Instead you can also place small bets during the match to add to the spice of placing wagers online.

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