Changing Background on Instagram – How Does it Work?

What To Know?

To change the color of the background: New post > Story > Build > Color Circle > Add Text > Share Your Story.

To use a picture: New post > Story > Gallery > Pick Picture > Add Content > Share Story.

This article discusses how to connect an Instagram story to a solid background color, change the background color, and instead use a pattern or image.

How to Change the Instagram story’s background color?

Within the iOS and Android Instagram applications, it can be achieved natively using a solid color backdrop in an Instagram Story. This is how:

1. Open the Instagram app and press the button for the latest message.

2. Pick History from the menu at the right.

3. Pick Build from the bottom menu.

4. In the lower-right corner, press the tiny circle icon to loop through your available background color choices.

5. As regular, tap to type and type a message.

The font type used for your text restricts your color choices.

6. Tap the upper-middle button to run through the various font types while the typing option is enabled. It also alters the choices for background color.

7. Tap the small circle icon after changing each font type to display additional cool, vibrant backgrounds.

8. Tap Finished when you are about to validate your text and minimize the keyboard.

9. You can also add extra text, stickers, and gifs to your story on Instagram. Music can also be added to your story on Story Insta Net. When done, press the checkmark.

10. When you are willing to start, tap Your Story.

How to Apply Vivid Cool Histories to an Instagram Story?

You can change the background color to a pattern by uploading your custom image if you want to use anything a little more dynamic than a solid color background in your Instagram post.

There is a range of websites for you to use that have a plethora of textured and patterned background images. FreePik, Pexels, and PixaBay are others that are worth trying out.

1. Pick History from the menu at the right.

2. On the phone, swipe up. This opens a gallery of images inside the Instagram app.

3. In an Instagram story, here's how to use a custom image as a background:

4. Open the Instagram app and press the button for the latest message.

5. Find and tap the picture you want to use as the backdrop for an Instagram post.

6. Use two fingers to enlarge the picture if necessary, so it covers the whole frame.

7. Connect text, gifs, stickers, or music to your story on Instagram.

8. To publish Tap Your Story. On your feed, your freshly modeled Instagram is now available.

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