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Best Brands in Pakistan

Do you enjoy dressing up, but your favorite brands are selling clothes at a very high price? Branded clothing in Pakistan is of high importance as it is not more economical than luxury. Pakistan's top clothing brands are working to bring the best to the country's women, girls, and even men!

Many clothing brands in Pakistan are therefore selling trendy and fashionable dresses. However, most women's clothing brands in Pakistan have the standard that every woman would have liked to try.

First of all, every woman wants to wear the best clothes that come with the means.

That's why every woman looks at affordable clothing brands that sell great clothes.

So we did the research and put together a list of Pakistan's top clothing brands that are very affordable for every woman.

These names of the Pakistani brand are all you need to remember.

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Top 20 Clothing Brands of Pakistan

1. Zellbury

2. Limelight

3. Khaadi

4. Generation

5. Zeen Woman Wear

6. Orient textile

7. Sana Safinaz

8. Beechtree

9. Bonanza Satrangi

10. Gul Ahmed

11. Ethnic

12. Nishat Linen

13. Al Karam

14. Oaks

15. Ego

16. Agha Noor

17. Junaid Jamshed

18. Rang Ja

19. Chinyere

20. Cross Stitch


Zellbury is typically at the top of the list because it is Pakistan's most reliable and affordable clothing brand. They have a wide variety of non-stitched and ready-to-wear dresses that are super comfortable. For this reason, successful designs and durable fabrics are only available at the starting price of PKR 1690.


Limelight is one of Pakistan's favourite women's clothing brands, offering exclusive Eastern and Western clothing collections at affordable prices. The unstitched set, however, has beautiful prints for which any woman would break. Prices are impressively as low as PKR 900 to 1000.


Khaadi is a popular clothing brand in Pakistan that is highly affordable. They've got several sets, such as unstitched, formal wear, and more. On the other hand, the starting price is jaw-dropping, just PKR 1,800 for such a well-known brand of apparel.


Most people in Pakistan love Generation because of their small but flexible products. If you can't find your style anywhere, you're sure to get something from Generation. Generation never fails to innovate and produce new styles every season. Generation is the only women's brand that takes a great deal of pride in accepting femininity. Their starting price is usually 1350; if it doesn't stun you, then what does it do?


There's nothing better than having branded garments in Pakistan because they have great fabric quality. Zeen is yet another leading clothing brand in Pakistan, renowned for its palette of colours and supreme prints.

Zeen never fails to stun clients with a wide range of classy and delicate prints. Meanwhile, Zeen's starting price is PKR 2000. At Zeen, every woman can get brilliant clothes to wear and a range of ready-made clothes.


Orient textile is a relatively new and unique brand that has a real link with Pakistani culture. Each season, Orient textile produces original fresh prints reflecting the essence of Pakistani culture through vibrant colors and geometric prints. Similarly, Orient has gained tremendous popularity and is now one of Pakistan's biggest clothing brands.

They sell men's clothing as well as children's clothing at a retail price. The starting price of this brand is PKR 1550, which is considerably low for the cut-outs they have.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is, however, one of the oldest brands in Pakistan and deserves to be ranked among the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan. Most notably, amusing prints and vivid colours make customers splurge. That's why the starting price at Sana Safinaz is 900 PKR, which is enough to make you run to the shop.


Every fashion freak lady must have heard of this brand. Beechtree is a young brand, but it has generated considerable value for itself. Geometric lines and fun, bold colors are their specialties. They concentrate on designing women's garments precisely, and their initial price is PKR 1750.

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi designs clothing with a feminine touch, and aspires to inspire women to make them feel good inside their skin. Bonanza Satrangi also caters to women, men and children. It is a one-stop solution and thus its initial price is PKR 1250.

Gul Ahmed

At the same time, how can we forget Gul Ahmed, one of Pakistan's most famous clothing brands? Gul Ahmed is renowned for its exceptional quality of fabric and innovative cuts in ready-made garments. Above all, the starting price at Gul Ahmed is only 1500 PKR, which is very fair in terms of printing and efficiency.


Ethnic is also a modern brand and an expansion of Western Outfitters. They blend modern and western styles to give you the best of both worlds. If you feel a little bold and want to experiment, go ahead with Ethnic. The starting price is extremely fair at Racial, which is only PKR 1250 plus tax.

Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is favoured by half of Pakistan's population, offering beautiful prints and exclusive soft colours. You're having a lot of flexibility to have effective options. They also make children and men's clothing collections if you want to buy them for your loved ones. The starting price is PKR 1650 for unkitched garments.

Al Karam

Who doesn't like Al Karam and their exclusive designs? Everyone knows about Al Karam because of the amazing nature of their clothing and the intricate work on fancy clothes. Al Karam has a huge collection for both men and girls. Therefore, most of the collections start at PKR 1550.


Oaks is an unconventional brand, providing a lot of the right clothes for a fair price for sure. It's got a great taste in fashion that people want to try. If you're looking for appropriate casual and seasonal apparel, give them a try. The prices start at PKR 1700.


Ego is typically among the first brands to set fire to contemporary fashion in Pakistan's fashion industry. It's got some great pieces to wear every day that will make you look classy. The prices are also fair, starting at PKR 2000 and moving up to PKR 10,000.

Agha Noor

Agha Noor is the only brand offering fancy and party-wear stitched clothes at a fair price. They have some lovely designs of intricate machine work, full of beads and pearls. The starting price is PKR 3200, which is very fair for the brilliant fabric and beautiful designs.


Junaid Jamshed was owned by a prominent Islamic scholar who had an unquestionable passion for ethnic clothing. Dresses have unique patterns and trendy cuts to enhance your body shape. They also have clothes for children and men. The prices start from PKR 1800, which is appropriate for such a wonderful quality.

Rang Ja

Rang Ja's whole shop is full of beautiful colors and light orange shades. If you love colours, and want to stay away from boring and sophisticated clothes, Rang Ja is the way to go. Their initial prices start with PKR 2000, and the store will attract you with flexible cultural prints.


Chinyere specializes in an exclusive range of casual, semi-formal and formal wardrobes. Their clothes are deliberately and lovingly made to integrate both global fashion and tradition. Their initial prices start with PKR 2000

Cross Stitch

At last, Cross Stitch is one of the country's finest retail brands specialising in textiles and loan. The brand spun its identity from the classic cross-stitch technique and evolved to produce boundless, beautiful designs rooted in the ancient art form. The label blends traditional thread work with modern patterns, colours and cuts to deliver ready-to-wear and embroidered occasional wear.


Finally, fashion is much more enjoyable when you have to pay a very fair price for it. These extremely talented Pakistani brands are sure to deliver beautiful clothing at a reasonable price. We listed these 18 top brands of clothing in Pakistan, whose stores you can visit to get beautiful dresses at a fair price.

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