Basics of Wagers on Cricket Betting Sites in India

Every Indian cricket betting website uses the betting odds to tell you your chance of winning or losing a bet. The odds form the basis or backbone of all the bets that you place online. Therefore, it is important that you understand the importance of these betting odds and what the difference it could create by making a few right or wrong choices during placement of your cricket bets.

This article looks in detail at all the details about betting on every top cricket betting site in India. You will be able to know a lot more than just the best cricket betting sites online. You would come to develop the knowledge and insights that can probably increase your chances of winning cricket bets on Indian websites.

Placement of Cricketing Bets Online in India

Let us get into the detail of cricket betting and odds on the basis of which every bet on cricket online is placed daily. The information that you readily see form websites for cricket betting.

Basics of the Cricket Betting Odds

There can be different formats in which you would see the odds. For instance, the online betting sites in India may presence the odds in fractions or decimal points. There are two teams in a cricket match. For example, have Team A and Team B. The winning odds for Team A are 1.2 and the winning odds for Team B, are 4.4. These are just random numbers shared and they differ even for the same teams in different game formats, days or different team members.

You need to understand that the odds on every best betting site in India reflect two things. They reflect the winning chances a cricket team and also the chances that it may lose the match. The odds for the other team reflect the same kind of probability for them.

These odds also tell you what are the chances that an event or happening will take place in a match or not. So, if the odds are more, there is greater chance that the event will occur. However, if the odds are lesser, it means there are less chances that it will take place.

So before we move forward keep these basics glued to your mind when it comes to cricket betting.

Higher Odds:

It means that you have less chances of winning, but if you do win, you will have a higher amount of payout.

Lower Odds:

Lower odds mean that there are greater chances that you would win the bet for a certain cricketing event, but it would mean lower payout, should you win that wager.

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India in 2020

There is no one name that you would have to consider as the best legal betting site in India. The list for best betting site 2020 is long. But make sure that you know the basics of finding a good one. First, don’t try to lure yourself into websites that offer too good to be true money winning options. Second, always read through their customer reviews to know more about the management. Third, they must let you withdraw your money so that you don’t have to wait for weeks to get access to your wins. Otherwise, you will not enjoy placing wagers on the game of cricket.

There are different types of odds and formats for betting. Let us have a look at some of the most common cricket odds.

Decimal Odds in the Cricket Betting

Every major online betting website uses the decimal odds since they are easy to understand and simple. These odds exist in the positive numbers and go up to two decimal places. The signal positive number denotes the amount that a punter will get if they win the stake on which they have placed their bets.

For example, if you browse an online betting website and it is indicating an odd of 4.6. It means that if you spend INR 1 for online cricket betting for an odd of 4.6, you will get a return of INR 4.6.

Thus, the total return will be your stake amount multiplied by the decimal odd number.

The sports betting sites in India calculate the odds on cricket bets using the formula discussed above as well as your stakes. Thus, you need to use this formula for calculating your odds.

Let us take another example for a better understanding for odds on the best online sport betting site in India. If you have an odd of 10, if you win the bet, you will get the return of INR 9. The total amount that you will receive will be INR 10, which includes 1 INR that you have originally invested in the wager. Please keep this simple equation in mind the next time you go to place bets on cricket betting sites in India.

Let us take yet another example for odds on an Indian cricket bet site. For instance, if you are placing an odd of 3.00. It means that whenever you win, you will get the total amount of INR 3 for investing INR 1. This amount contains INR 1 of your original investment and the INR 2 is the return that you have on your wager.

These types of odds are called European odds, continental odds or digital odds. The best thing of this type of format is you can easily recognize the favorites and undergoes.

These types of odds are usually known as the EU or European odds. Some other names for such cricket betting odds are digital odds or continental odds. The best thing about using the European formats is that you can easily recognize which of the two cricket teams is favorite and which one is considered an underdog, for a given scenario.

Understanding the Work of Fractional Odds

When you bet on cricket online, you also see another format for odds. This format for odds is called the fractional one. Many websites for cricket betting use the fractional odds and you need to be careful when understanding them. There is a bit of complexity related to the fractional odds used in cricket betting. In fractional cricket betting odds, you have to look for the (-) minus sign. A minus sign denotes the favorite team in a match of two teams playing cricket. Also, in fractional betting, you must bet a certain amount for winning INR 100. The team that has the (+) sign with it has a lesser chance of winning that cricket match. Also, the amount that you would win if you bet would be INR 100.

One of the exciting things about fractional odds on online betting sites in India is that they will also give you back your original bet amount as well as the money that you just won.

Example of Fractional Cricket Betting

In this format, you will get the initial bet amount back, along with the winning amount.

Let us take an example of how the fractional betting in cricket works.

For instance, we have two teams, Team A and Team B playing a cricket match. The odds for Team A to win are +785 and for Team B, are -736.

Since Team A has its odds in +, they have less chance of winning the cricket match. On the other hand, Team B has a greater chance of winning that match.

Thus, if you bet INR 100 on Team A, you will win in total INR 785, out of this INR 100 will be your original amount and your win amount will be INR 685. On the contrary, if you place a bet of INR 736, you will win INR 100. Therefore, if Team B wins, you will get a payout of INR 736 (INR 100 win money + INR 736 the original amount invested).

American Odds in Cricket Betting

The legal betting sites in India also use the American odds. The other names for the American odds that every best site 2020 uses for cricket include the US odds or money-line odds. These types of odds are mostly used in the United States. These odds also have a minus sign that indicates the favorites. It means that you have to stake the mentioned amount to win an amount equivalent of $100. Positive sign on the contrary indicates that your competitor has lesser chances of winning the wager for every $100 that you bet.

An online betting website using the American bet odds gives you back your wager amount plus the win amount. For instance, if you have two teams, Team A and Team B. Team A has odds of +685 and Team B has odds of -660.

The online cricket betting in these odds will work something like this. The odds of +685 means Team A has a lot lesser chances of winning the match. You will wager $100 to win $685. If you win the wager, you will get $785 ($100 for wins and $685 of the win amount).

On the other hand, if you have the odds of -660 on sports betting sites in India. The best online sport betting site in India will give you $100 for investing $660. If you win, you will get back $760 and the profit of $100 from your best online sport betting site in India.

The cricket betting sites in India may use any of these odds including decimal, fractional or American. These are just the different methods and you need to understand them before you go onto an Indian cricket betting website.

There may be other names for these odds used by any big website for betting in India. For instance, the factional odds may be called the British odds. The decimal odds may be referred by the best Indian betting sites as decimal odds. And the money-line odds may be called the American odds by a top cricket betting site in India.

Tips for Finding the Best Cricket Betting Odds

The choice the punters make on a top cricket betting site in India make all the difference. Most of the best cricket betting sites offer the top odds. Still, when you bet on cricket online, you need to learn more about the game to make the most of these betting odds.

The selection of odd to place bet on cricket online is like going shopping. The websites for cricket betting provide you with the different options acting like stores. You just check the odds on these online betting sites in India as if you were checking the prices of products while you were shopping. The best betting site in India always focuses on offering the best odds to its customers. It is you who needs to analyze which of the odds are best and are worth the money you are willing to invest.

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