An Overview of the Cricket Betting Tips

There are many cricket betting sites in India. Thanks to the craze for this game, every Indian cricket betting website bodes well and offers many great cricket betting tips. Many of the tips offered by them are true and can help you improve your chances of winning the wagers. You can follow the best tips by a top best cricket betting site in India and get yourself out of a lot of trouble and improve your chances of winning.

The best cricket betting sites in India do not charge any money for the tips that they offer to help the bettors set their direction right. They focus on the overall outcome of the betting success that is also dependent on your skill. You must be able to know which of the cricket betting tips is going to help you the most if you play it right the first time.

Professional websites ensure that they provide you with reliable and solid information to help you place a bet on cricket online. These Indian betting sites for cricket betting can help both a casual bettor and the more serious ones for those follow every match very closely. The main focus is to help the hardcore followers of the IPL (Indian Premier League) improve their chances of winning the local matches as well as successfully place bets on ODIs, other T20 leagues, and BLL. These websites provide betting tips for in-play settings. They follow a more real world scenario while analyzing all the data and providing the same high quality information to their website visitors. When you know all the information that you may require to place bets, you can make wagers by becoming more informed about the overall match situations.

Many of the online betting sites in India have established partnerships with popular marketing companies too to offer free tips. Every best betting site in India has to generate income so that it can provide a legitimate and enabling environment for cricket bettors to enjoy wagering on every game. A lot of them do not even charge any commission or subscription fee on the cricket betting tips that they offer.

How to find the top free advice and cricket betting tips?

Every great website for betting in India take into account many factors that can affect the outcome of a cricket game before setting the odds and providing the best information to the bettors.

Form of the Two Teams Playing

The best Indian betting sites know the importance of the form of the two teams playing against each other. For example, if the last games between the two teams have been neck-to-neck, then the odds won’t be any different. However, if one of the two teams have been outplaying the other one on a consistent basis, the odds will be tilted in that team’s favor.

Besides looking at the overall form of both the teams, there are winning players in both teams that can impact the outcome of the game. For example, if a team has a couple of fast bowlers who can tilt the game in the favor of their team, they can have a great impact. Similarly, if one of the two teams has highly reliable great averaging batsmen, they can bat deep and can set a great total onboard to upset the hopes of the other team of winning the match. The best betting site 2020 will always tell you about the form in which the two teams. Legal betting sites in India always ensure that they provide detailed information about the form of the two teams.

Weather During the Game

A top online betting website also offers the best advice on the weather conditions that would prevail during a match. Don’t just follow the online cricket betting advice without taking the weather into consideration. Weather is an unpredictable factor and can seriously dampen the chances of one team over the other. Some regions in the world have highly unpredictable weather conditions. England and New Zealand are two such places where you never know how the weather may change and decide the game in the favor of one team.

Selection of the Players in both the Teams

The teams that play in a cricket match play an integral role. Cricket is a game where sometimes individual performances can overshadow the entire match. Therefore, the players in a team play a vital role. When you go onto the sports betting sites in India, you will also find information about the teams that are playing. The best online sport betting site in India will also give you statistics to help you gauge the individual form players in each team.

Team Playing at Home Ground VS Playing Abroad

As a cricket betting punter, you must also realize the fact that teams’ performance may get impacted by the fact that they are playing at home or away from the home. The cricket betting sites in India may at times favor the odds for that team which is playing at its home ground. An Indian cricket betting website knows and factors in its evaluation the type of performances that a team might give when playing at home or abroad. These websites also provide the statistics to help you determine the team you are betting against will win depending on the venue in which it is playing.

Cricket Betting Sites in India Offer Odds for Different Formats of the Game

There are over hundred international matches played each year. Over 500 domestic cricket matches are played too. Therefore, when it comes to placing bets on an Indian cricket betting website, they come up with all types of different options. The most popular option for the Indian bettors remains the IPL or Indian Premier League. It is a domestic league star-studded with the international cricketers coming to play and take the game to the next level.

Let us have a look at the different cricket game formats that you can opt from when placing bets on the game.

Any top cricket betting site in India cannot win the hearts of the youth without immersing itself in the T20 format. There is no doubt that the famous phrase “no risk no game” applies here perfectly. In T20 the best cricket betting sites in India offer amazing rewards on the bets that the players place on them. T20 is one such format where one wrong single, one good bowl, or one missed opportunity can totally change the fate of a cricket match. Therefore, when it comes to all the excitement that the game of cricket offers, T20 comes on top of all the other formats. Still, you should never lose your calm or composure when placing bets on these matches. Don’t leave your logic behind when placing bets on these games.

ODI (One Day International) Matches

ODI used to be the name of the game when it came to cricket betting. Who can forget the famous ODIs that have changed the way we think about the game of cricket in a 50 over match. Every international cricket team has its fair share of wow wins that have surprised both the cricket audiences and the commentators alike. The placement of bets on a One Day International cricket match needs a lot of patience. Unlike, T20, the result is going to come after usually 100 overs of the match. You need to be more strategic and logical since the game has a lot of overs and it can change at any time. ODIs are also explosive cricket games and they too change much faster than a regular 5-day international test match.

Placing Bets on the Test Matches in Cricket

In the old days, the top commentators would tell that the true test of a cricketer is a test match that lasts for five days. The same can be said for anyone who is going to place a bet on cricket online on a test match. The websites for cricket betting that understand their audiences will always take into account all the individuals who are still in the awe of the test matches and still believe that a cricketer has to prove their worth in a test match too. It is a 5-day match and usually you have to play bets on a long term basis. For example, if you are placing a bet on cricket online on who is going to win the test match, you will have to wait for the entire five days to see if you have won that bet or not.

Understanding the Psychology of the Game

There is so much that you can find in tips on the online betting sites in India on the game of cricket. However, even the best betting site in India can share the tips. You have to develop your own cricketing brain to ensure that you understand the game well enough to guess which of the two teams has to win.

How to Develop Strong Cricketing Logic

Here are a few tips that can surely help you develop a cricketing mind that can better assess the game and potential outcomes out of each of the matches played.

Develop the Love and Passion for the Game

You cannot guess about the outcome of something unless you are emotionally invested in it. For that, you would have to learn how the game has progressed over the last many decades from the red ball and only-day cricket to the pink ball and the day-and-night cricket. You would have to go through the history of the game to see which of the teams have developed their heroes in the different departments of the game. For instance, Australia and South Africa have always been very particular about their fielding department. When you study the history of the cricket teams, their performances and their strengths, you would better develop the necessary knowledge the outsmart the odds placed by the cunning bookmakers.

Study Pitch Behaviors

The pitches have a lot to do with the game of cricket. There are so many different regions in which the game of cricket is played. Without studying behaviors of the pitch, you cannot just take away any guesses. Every pitch has a different behavior. It has a lot to with two things. The first thing is the weather. The weather does have a serious impact on how the pitch behaves at different stages of a match. Secondly, if the home team is a batting team, they would almost always prefer a batting pitch. But, if the home team has a strong bowling side, they would always prefer a pitch that supports their ace or spin bowling attack. For instance, the pitches in England support the seam bowlers a lot than they do the other types of bowling attacks. On the other hand, pitches in the subcontinent traditionally support the spin bowlers more than the fast bowlers.

Know the Conventional Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Teams

Every country produces a different type of cricketing legend. Rarely there are countries that have strengths in bowling, batting and fielding. For instance, Pakistan is always known to have produced fast bowlers who can reverse swing the ball very well. On the other hand, India has always held the supremacy in batting, producing legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli (the run chasing machine). South Africa, England, and Australia have had some of the best bowlers in the world. They also had some of the world’s top best batsmen would could score reliably in difficult match situations. When you are studying the competition between local teams, always know what are the conventional strengths and weaknesses of the two teams competing against each other. When you study their weaknesses and strengths on a regular basis, you will develop your own cricketing logic that can be swayed by an illogical odd placed in front of you by your bookmaker to make some quick bucks.

Are Cricket Tips Offered by Real Experts on Betting Sites?

Every other website for betting in India claims to offer the best tips to win cricket wagers. Do not just trust any self-claiming best Indian betting site to offer the best expert analysis. There are many cricket betting guides available online but not every one of them can be used to help you succeed. If you do not develop your cricketing logic, you won’t be able to make any impact as a cricket bettor.

Tips for Finding the Best Website for Betting in India

The best Indian betting sites have a higher rate of prediction accuracy, close to 72%. Most of the other so-called expert cricket betting sites have a poor prediction analysis and most of them fall below the 50% mark. Real experts spent a lot of time analyzing the information available on a match. They crunch numbers, take into consideration the players injured in the two teams, factor in the weather conditions and also see the results of the recent matches between two teams. Therefore, always look at the data that they present to you, how they analyze it and if there is some logic to it. Don’t go whimsical on making cricket bets, that’s the least intelligent thing to do when placing bets on cricket.

Some Other Pro Cricket Betting Tip and Tricks to Keep in Mind

One of the pro tips to keep in mind is that always use the legal betting sites in India to place bets. Secondly, the best betting site 2020 will give you more odds to play with. For instance, they would help you place bets on the number of 6s, 4s, top individual scorer, the best bowler in a team or match, and even winner of the series. Professional cricket betting sites in India are worried about the long term business. Therefore, they are always working to offer more odds so that the customers can keep coming for more.

Conclusion on Professional Cricket Betting

Here are some last words of wisdom to keep in mind when placing bets on cricket games.

Set Your Emotions Aside

The bookmakers are mainly interested in making money. Even if they have the best intentions for you at heart, they still have to make money to keep run their commercial enterprise. They would keep coming up with new odds and some of them you may never have heard in your life. This does not mean that you just have to blindly take every opportunity that shows up. Instead, apply logic not emotion to the game of cricket and the bets you are going to make.

Develop the Knowledge of Your Game

Always take time to develop your own knowledge of the game. Analyze each game even if you are not putting any money on it. Try to guess the games before you put any money. See if you placed bet on 10 games, out of those 10 how many of them you guessed correctly. You will immediately be able to determine your success rate. This will help you develop that killer instinct that can help you win more wagers on a cricket match.

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