A Simple How-To Guide on Placing Cricket Bets?

The cricket betting sites in India are full of different options and promotions. Every top Indian cricket betting website comes with its own ways of luring in new bettors to place bets using its platform. However, you have to decide which top cricket betting site in India can help you become more successful at winning the money online. Let us have a look at the way to place wager on the best cricket betting sites.

How to Place a Bet on Cricket Online?

There is no single way that you can place bet and there are many websites for cricket websites that you can choose from.

§ Make sure that you select form the recommended cricket betting sites that have developed their trust over time.

§ Once you select on which website you want to place your cricket bets, you need to sign up and get the bonus they are offering.

§ Now, you need to navigate to the match to select the sports of cricket from the main navigation menu given on the website.

§ For getting access to all the markets, go to the all markets option and pick the betting market selection to add the wager that you want to place in the bet slip.

§ Now, check the odds of the different bets offered and the potential return if you won any of them.

§ After selecting the type of bet that you want to place, just place the bet.

Betting in the Outcome Cricket Matches on Online Betting Sites in India

The cricket wagers on the best betting site in India usually covers all the major markets, giving you access to find out all the options that you can have when placing bets on two teams playing a match.

A match bet lets you place a wager on which of the two teams will win a cricket match. The test match cricket offers three main options when it comes to placing a bet on the two teams playing. You can place a bet on the home loss, home win or the drawing of the match between the two teams. There are many other options available on a top cricket betting site in India when you expand your horizon and also consider placing bets on other formats of the game including the T20 internationals, local T20 matches, 40 over fixtures and a full 50 over game also known as ODI (One Day Internationals). In shorter formats of the game other than the cricket matches, there are only two options, home win or home loss. However, sometimes there can be exceptions and the best cricket betting sites may also offer other options in the following cases.

When the weather remains incomplete because of any reason like the bad weather or the floodlights malfunctioned (which may never happen an international cricket match since it brings bad name to the ground staff).

Draw Between the Two Teams

There is a tie between the two teams and none of the teams has won the match and it may be decided by a super over.

The two teams just couldn’t win and there was a draw. In case of a tournament with many teams playing, both will share equal points and move ahead with other matches if they still have to play other teams and can progress further.

Series Winner

A top website for betting in India on cricket may also offer series winner which means that a team is going to win the entire series. The scores of the series win may depend on the total matches that are going to be played in a series. A series can consist of 2, 3,4,5, or 7 matches. The most popular the ones with an odd number. You can find the series win wager options with the best Indian betting sites.

Tournament Winner

There is also the option of having a tournament winner and one of the two teams may be winning the tournament. Whereas in a series played between two teams, the best betting site 2020 will provide you with the odds to select between just two teams. However, when it comes to choosing a tournament winner, it is a bit harder to select because there are more just two teams participating in it.

Winning Margins

Some legal betting sites in India for cricket also offer other types of wagers too. For example, the winning margins bets is offered for the difference that will be between the two teams playing a limited-overs match. The bet will only stand if both the teams play the full allotted number of overs and there is no interruption to due to any reason particularly the weather conditions.

Winning the Toss

An online betting website may also offer you the option to place bet on winning the toss. The winning of the toss is one of the most famous online betting on cricket option available out there. It is a simple thing to do but still the toss can change the result of the game with the pitches these days having a lot of impact on the game.

Win by an Innings

Some to sports betting sites in India for cricket also offer the option to place bets for winning by an innings. Many top test teams particularly South Africa, England and Australia have done that in the past more frequently than other teams. You can find this kind of wager option on the best online sport betting site in India.

Placing of Bets on Cricket Teams’ Outcomes

There is also the option of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd over total runs. In this kind of wager, the cricket betting sites in India offer you to place bet on the total runs that are scored during the first over of the match. The bet only lasts till the first over is completed to know the result. There is also another variation of the highest runs in different overs as the match progresses, offering bettors the option to place live bets too.

An Indian cricket betting website also provides you with the option of result betting. A result betting is a very difficult one since you have to guess the exact score of a game of cricket. However, for the bets to remain in effect, there shouldn’t be any interruption like weather or other reasons that may not allow bot the teams to play all the overs in a T20 match or any other fixture that involves fixed number of overs.

The fall of next wicket market is another popular option by a top cricket betting site in India. The best cricket betting sites in India let you bet on the number of runs that the batting team will scare at the fall or the next wicket. The bad weather condition can make this match bet void. However, if the team reaches or declares its target, the total of the batting team will be considered as the result of the market.

You can also place a bet on cricket online for the fifty, century or double century scored during the 1st innings by any batsman. This kind of wager is offered as a yes or no bet meaning take it or leave it. This bet will stand void in a limited-overs match if the match’s proceedings are stopped due to rain resulting in the total overs bowled to be reduced by 3 or more. This is particularly more of a bet for the T20 matches and for limited over matches the websites for cricket betting hold the wager true if overs are not reduced by 5 or more overs.

An online betting website may also offer the option of first scoring play. When you are provided with the odds for first scoring play by the best betting site in India where the runs are scored as extras like from the No-Balls. For instance, a four scored off a No-Ball is “1” run”.

The highest opening partner is another option to place bets by sports betting sites in India. In this bet, you are betting on the most runs that are scored and it needs that both the sites have to complete their opening partnerships. The winner is usually the highest opening partnership of the first innings only.

A best online sport betting site in India may also provide you with the option of wager on a method of dismissal. There are two ways in which this bet covers it, caught or not caught. The caught or not caught is a two-way bet. However, there is a six-way dismissal sports betting as well like bowled, caught, run out, LBW, stumped or any other ways to send the batsman back to the pavilion like being retired or sent off. Bets become immediately void if the player retires or gets injured before getting out and there is no more wicket left.

Fall of the next wicket is a similar option to the fall of 1st wicket by a top website for betting in India. The best India betting sites for cricket let you do that wager but you have to take put within the next wicket over.

Then there is this famous over or under innings run wager. The over or under bet is placed to estimate the number of runs that each team is going to score in their respective innings. For instance, if there is a T20 match taking place, the bet is 190 over or under. It may have options like 191-210 or 210 runs or more. This is a bet placed while the match is in progress on legal betting sites in India and you have to bet on the sport to place the wager.

Then there is another option that every best betting site 2020 offers to the bettors. They can place a bet on the number of fours or sixes that would be scored in a series or for an individual match. Therefore, you would have to guess that number accurately.

An online betting website also offers you the odds to bet on the most Wides. The most Wides are the total number of Wides that a bowling team will do in a match. There are different types of Wides record set by different teams both in the local and international matches. Sometimes, the bowler is not able to find their line and length, make it difficult to ball a consistent line and length. Therefore, you can find the Wides option on any top online cricket betting website.

The Most Run Outs bet is another interesting option that sports betting sites in India offer. The Most Run Outs is the total number of run outs in a cricket match. This is obviously applicable to the team that is fielding and has great fielders who can prevent the running between the wickets with proactive fielding. There are many teams in the past who have set precedents for many to follow. Jonty Rhodes was once known to be the best in the business particularly the way he would literally fly in the air to stop some of the best batsmen from taking singles. So, try finding this wager on the best online sport betting site in India for cricket.

The runs at the fall of the 1st wicket is another option that is an interesting bet on cricket betting sites in India. In this kind of wager, an Indian cricket betting website lets you guess how many runs a team can score without losing a wicket.

There are many examples of such big run chases and with the introduction of the new format of T10 league we are going to see more options for placing bets on different types of odds.

Final Tips to Winning the Game of Cricket

Here are some more tips to help you along the way to win more cricketing bets.

Focus on Your Own Knowledge Development

Never just rely on whimsical decisions to make beds. There will be many times when you would think you are doing just the right thing without thinking through it. One of the reasons many bettors keep on losing is that because they never use their own brain. They never take the time to study the different formats of the game. Your knowledge for the game depends on your real passion for the game. It means studying the history of the great players. How the different teams playing at the local and international level have evolved over time? What are the mistakes that can take the game to a different direction than was originally anticipated? The level of depth that you have in your game knowledge will surely help you become better what you achieve at the end of the day. Don’t short change your own knowledge for the game of cricket with just because someone said so. No matter what is the famous sentiment out there, having two great bowlers in a bowling attack of a team will surely help that team put pressure to try and get early wickets. And on top of that, if they are playing on a pitch that supports such kind of bowling attack, it will surely increase the chances of taking a wicket.

Take the Emotions Out of the Game

There are many times when cricket bettors stop thinking with their head. For instance, if your favorite team’s opening pair has given a great solid score to help the team build on that, it doesn’t mean that it is going to win for sure. You need to see against which team they are playing. The type of pitch on which they are playing and the kind of bowling attack they will have to defend that total. As they say that cricket is a game of chance. We can never tell when it is going to suddenly change. A few bad balls, high scores or some movements may not be enough to decide the complexion of the game or its outcome. Take the time, study the game, and become a cold-heart calculative mind that takes everything into consideration. The more you detach your emotion from the game and try to evaluate it on pure merit, your ability to predict what’s going to happen next in a game of cricket will certainly improve.

Be Grounded with Your Wins and Losses

Also make sure that you do not become too arrogant or lousy when you either win or lose a bet. Your guess is not always that great. Sometimes, things won’t happen the way you had thought. At times, you may win big and you would think that you are probably the best cricket bettor anywhere in the world. Don’t let those wins get to your head. Similarly, do not let any losses get you down because sometimes even the best guesses do not hold up. Sometimes, the team that is the worst run chaser chases runs that you would have never expected. Cheer up and remain neutral so that you don’t let these ups and downs in your cricket betting career make your judgement cloudy.

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